I have always loved the thought of going out, and by out, I mean out of this world. I want to go out of this world. I want to jump from Mars to Jupiter, if that’s even possible. I want to fly close to the Sun and feel the heat, even if I always hated it.

Supernovas are the best things I want to see. Even if it’s dying, it’s still beautiful. Stars are everything. To create a shape or a word out of it amazes me so much. The way they twinkle at night makes me wonder why they’re even there in the first place.

I never told anyone about this. They would probably say I’m weird, wanting to become an astronaut and I know everyone would say I shouldn’t let them affect me, that I am in charge of my life but I am like a Sun in the Solar System. Without the gravity of the planets surrounding me I’d die.

Until you- you came barging in like some asteroid or some comet, saying that you wanted a telescope so that you’d see the skies clearer. You wanted to create a rocket that would take everyone out and share the beauty and the silence of the vast. Oxygen, you said, is a necessity out there but I guess that if you’d take me out there we’d run out of it. That would also literally mean we’d be breathing the same air, and that’s kinda tragic and romantic.

I never knew I’d find a star to collide with. It’s like Icarus flying close to the sun but it would be totally worth it. And, like Icarus, many people are always watching us, waiting for the possibility of not crashing upon each other because doing so would mean death. The sun and a star just can’t be because we have to think of them, the planets, those depending on us for life.

But for once, I want to be selfish, let go of the planets, create another one with you but yeah, that’s not possible. I am the sun, I just can’t let go.

Still, I should let you know that you are far worth more than the gas in Venus or the storm in Jupiter. You may be a supernova but to me you’re the radiance that all the stars could not outshine. You are a star, and for me you can be the center of the Milky Way. Your heart may be Pluto but I know that you have beauty inside you, just like the moon Europa has an ocean underneath the ice.

You are my universe, and I will always adore you.