You were born in July, 6 months before I came. You were born when the trees bloomed and the winds blew like an angel. The house you lived in was a mansion, and you grew making the most out of it, with your parents loving you like you’re the only one, when in fact, you were 2 at that time.

Until 2 became 3, and 3 became 8, you transferred to a smaller house yet it seemed big enough for the hearts that were beating the same time. You smile as you remember those times you can’t bring back anymore, back when your mom used to kiss you from forehead to lips, saying the words ‘I love you’, the words that are enough for a lifetime.

You grew up running with other kids, winning races, trudging through little forests, paddling through rivers. Life was an adventure, and it probably still is. Your childhood was the best, and if it were possible you’d go back.

Until high school took the part of the best out of you. Not totally, but still. Your teachers thought you were a disappointment when they expected the best out of you yet you failed to exceed the standards they were hoping for. Still, you have managed to find love, and it somehow helped you cope with the disappointment you felt within yourself.

Until she left. God, you were broken. Communication was the language yet she managed to unlearn it. You were spending countless nights thinking where you went wrong, and that she has to come back for you, but she didn’t. You’ve waited and waited, but you didn’t feel her soul anymore. It was distant, far more distant than when you once saw her.

On the middle of the pain, somewhere around August, you found someone, the day you were disappointed, again. She was quiet, and you wanted to talk to her, but couldn’t. You were battling the pain, and upon seeing her, you don’t know if you’d feel worse or better.

Until your paths kept crossing, it was already impossible to ignore her, especially when you first saw her in her uniform. You still remember it up til now, and you thank the heavens for seeing her that day.

Your paths kept crossing that God had to put it together…

… and that is how we met.

That is how we now look at the same sky at night, thinking about each other. That is how we now spent our days together, eating at places we never thought we’d share with someone, naming kids that we’d eventually have, keeping secrets that we thought would just stay in our unconscious, minds wired to think of the same thing, hearts connected to actually feel the same thing.

And this, my love, is what I’ll always thank God for.